The Preseason Prediction That Vick Will Be a Viking Next Year

Mike JamesContributor IMarch 29, 2017

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The vikings organization is dealing with the drama of having Brett Favre decide to come out of retirement to play this season. According to some reports this is causing a rift in the locker room because some people feel Tavaris gives them the best chance to win and some are in Sage's corner. The interesting thing that's pointed out in this article is that not many people in the locker room believe Favre gives them the best chance to win.

What does all of this have to do with Michael Vick? I will tell you. Vick is basically with Philly for one year. I am going to predict that Vick even with the time off is going to look pretty good in his pre-season debut. I think Philly will get some kind of trade for Vick at the end of the season and that's where Minnesota comes into the picture.


All of the commotion about Vick's return will be over and Minnesota can get rid of their poor man Michael Vick(Tavaris Jackson) and get the original new and improved Michael Vick. I think Vick will be a better quarterback than before he went to prison by the end of the season with Philly. I think learning from McNabb and being in that system is going to help him beyond him starting for a team this year. There is absolutely no pressure on him at all right now.

If Minnesota is serious about making a super bowl run and being a contender for the next 5 years they have to team Peterson up with Vick. This will produce the most feared backfield in the league. With Minnesota having a couple of deep threats on the field and with Vick being able to throw the ball 75 yards this will open up things even more for Peterson. Not to mention having to account for Vick's legs on every play.

Minnesota after this Brett Favre experiment is done it will be time for the Michael Vick experience part II. I am looking forward to it. Is there a better situation for Vick out there for next year?