Strikeforce Lashing Out, Signs Bobby Lashley

Erik FontanezCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2009

Strikeforce added some additional weight to their already stacked heavyweight division on Thursday when they signed former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley.

The professional wrestler turned mixed martial artist signed a multi-fight deal with the San Jose-based MMA organization and is set to fight an unknown opponent on Jan. 30.

Lashley explained his enthusiasm in a prepared statement. "I'm looking forward to fighting for Strikeforce and challenging myself by taking on some of the top heavyweights in MMA."

Figuratively speaking, this is huge news for MMA. The 6’3”, 250-pound Lashley has made waves in mixed martial arts, posting a 4-0 record. In his recent outing, Lashley made quick work of Bob Sapp en route to a submission win by way of punches.

Now comes the biggest test of Bobby Lashley’s career as he joins the ranks of some of the best heavyweights in the game. His obvious brute force and imposing physique will be things he’ll need to rely on when it comes to going against names like Werdum, Arlovski, Rogers, Overeem, and of course, Fedor.

Fans, both casual and hardcore, can appreciate this signing as something to marvel at. It gives us another opportunity to see professional wrestlers transition into the big leagues of MMA, much like Brock Lesnar did in the UFC. Will Lashley have the same success Lesnar had? Only time will tell, but, this leads the way to more and more people tuning into Showtime and CBS to witness Lashley scrap with any one of the big names.

Strikeforce’s ever-growing roster of fighters has put the organization in a place where it is no longer the junior varsity team to the UFC’s varsity. It is now the rival school; the other side of the pond that offers a fresh alternative to what Dana White and company bring to the table. If Strikeforce stays at this pace there will, no doubt, be a time when the UFC no longer has a monopoly on MMA.

Now the world waits to hear what Dana White has to say about this signing because you know he will have something. "Mr. White, your thoughts?"