New York Giants Still Have Questions

Michael SamuelSenior Analyst IJune 18, 2008

Not much news on the Giants front, except for a few random points that I was thinking of.

Michael Strahan will obviously be missed more than his production on the field, but the Giants will need to have someone new in the locker room—somebody like Justin Tuck or Osi. Antonio Pierce will continue to step up his leadership, as any fellow Arizona Wildcat should.

Who will be receiving kickoffs? Domenick Hixon had a TD return last year. Bradshaw, who is my favorite player in the NFL, did a very nice job throughout the whole season. They could also give Sinorice Moss a shot, if he wants to stay on the team. David Tyree even deserves a shot. The competition is wide open.

Who will Eli's backup be? David Carr should probably be the guy. Andre Woodson's development will not occur right away. The Giants have been collecting QBs, just like John Gruden and the Bucs, and they should cut Jared Lorenzen and fellow veteran Anthony Wright.

The Giants seem to be ready for camp to open up in another five weeks or so at SUNY Albany, and I hope the players are ready for Tom Coughlin's military type of camp. As mentioned in my last post, the Giants were fueled by adversity and conflict last year, so I hope that they continue to do that.


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