T.U.F 7 Finale is Set: Amir v.s. C.B.

Justin MorganCorrespondent IJune 18, 2008

Season 7 of T.U.F is almost over and the finale is set. Amir Sadollah is taking on C.B Dalloway for a six figure contract in the UFC on June 21st on Spike TV.

Originally the match up was Amir against Jesse Taylor. Well we all saw that Jesse had his drunken rampage and was kicked off the show.

In my opinion Dana White let him off easy. The guy embarrassed the UFC, he should have tore him a new one.

After letting Jesse Taylor go Dana Brought back Tim Credeur to fight C.B. to replace Jesse.

It was a good fight and both fighters took a beating. In the end the judges got it right in giving C.B. the victory.

Now C.B. gets another shot at Amir on Saturday. Their previous fight was good. C.B. gave Amir a good beat down and a nasty cut under the eye with an elbow. In the end Amir caught C.B in an arm bar and won the fight.

When it comes to this next fight both fighters will be better prepared. C.B. has good leg kicks and a decent ground game. He also has some power in those punches.

Amir on the other hand has a huge heart and can take a lot of punishment. Watch out for him running across the octagon and throwing some crazy kicks. He's an unconventional fighter and you never know what he is going to do.

The key to this fight is who is going to set the tempo. I expect C.B. to come out swinging and trying to get the fight to the ground. Amir will probably try to keep the fight standing up. Either way both fighters are capable of winning and will put on a good show.

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