John Cena Vs Sheamus

et thomasContributor IMarch 10, 2017

The TLC championship showdown last night started out with sheamus doing alot of talking and cena taking it but that didnt last long cena got very annoyed at him which we all know can end badly for cena's opponent like what happened to the miz last year then mark cuban asked if ethier cena or sheamus wanted to say anything to each other when sheamus started to talk cena spoke up and inturpted sheamus and said i have something to say  he said sheamus i hope u belive that beccause i faced everyone from shawn michaels to k-fed from future hall of famers to up and comers from champions to number one contenders and sheamus got in cenas face then mark cuban tried to break it up and sheamus shoved him across the ring and as cena looked to check on him sheamus hit cena with a cheap shot then as cena was getting up sheamus hit him again and cena was out then cuban got up and pushed sheamus knocking him off balance and sheamus hit him then spaered him through a table in my opinon cena needs to teach sheamus a lesson an whiile he's at it he should give him a spray tan anyone else agree