Jake's Week 14 Predictions

Jacob DuttonContributor IDecember 10, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - DECEMBER 07: Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers ducks as Paul Kruger #99 of the Baltimore Ravens rushes against Chad Clifton #76 at Lambeau Field on December 7, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Ravens 27-17. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Steelers @ Browns (Thursday)

Some people will laugh when they see the teams playing. I, however, think that the browns may have a fighting chance. The Steelers lost to the Raiders Sunday in a game thought to be a sure victory, just like this one. Sure, the Raiders are twice the team the Browns are, but the Steelers are working on low confidence right now. But I still have it going to the Steelers 31-17.

Saints @ Falcons

Some fans have looked down on the Saints for have to force overtime with the Redskins. But the fact of the matter is that they got the win. And the one thing that makes a team good is their ability to win in any situation. The falcons are just a slightly below average team in my eyes. Matt Ryan is a good quarterback, but he still doesn't have the ability to win big games. I have the Saints 38-21

Jets @ Buccaneers

With Mark Sanchez out with a knee injury, Kellen Clemmons will get the start at quarterback for the Jets. I see the Jets as having more talent than the Bucs. Thats why im taking them 27-14 in Tampa.

Dolphins @ Jaguars

Even without Chad Pennington, the dolphins are still 6-6 and only a game behind New England for first place in their division. Chad Henne has gotten the job done at the QB position. The Jaguars set at 7-5 and are in the wild card hunt. However, I still see the Dolphins having more talent. Its gonna be a close one, 24-21 Dolphins.

Bengals @ Vikings

This should be the game to watch come Sunday. The Bengals (9-3) have proven to have one of the best running games in football. Carson Palmer has stepped up and delivered as well. On the other hand, the Vikings (10-2) have proven to have a combination of run and pass. Brett Favre has had the season of his career at the age of 40. This is gonna be a close game, but I will have to take the Vikings 35-31.

Seahawks @ Texans

The struggling Seahawks come to pay the improving Texans a visit. The Texans have been improving in the last couple of years, and I see them contending for a division championship next season. Matt Schaub has been putting up incredible numbers. I have the Texans 41-10.

Bills @ Chiefs

Not much to say about this one. Both of these teams are struggling but it comes down to who isnt just as bad as the other one. Bills 13-3 over the Chiefs.

Packers @ Bears

The Packers (8-4) are one of the hottest teams in football. On the other hand, the 5-7 bears are one of the coldest. Jay Cutler strives to throw interceptions over touchdowns every game. While Aaron Rodgers has proven to be a clutch guy. I still think this could become a close game. 28-17 Packers.

Lions @ Ravens

Well the Lions have managed to produce two wins this season. Thats two more than they had the entire 2008 season. Stafford is out and Donte Culpepper will replace him. The Ravens (6-6) haven't lived up to their 2008 campaign so far, but they are still a decent team. 24-10 Ravens, Flacco will have his way with the Detroit defense.

Panthers @ Patriots

Who would ever think that the New England Patriots would be sitting only two games over .500 intering week 14. This is an aging football team and it is showing. However, I still have them as a better team than Carolina. Jake Delhomme shoots his team in the foot with turnovers. Patriots will win 27-17 and inch closer to a division win.

Broncos @ Colts

After a fast 6-0 start the Broncos ended up droping four straight. They have regained their composure and have won two straight games. They draw the undeafeted Colts this weekend and this game could drop them to 8-5. I have the Colts in this one. They are just too good to contain. 35-20 Colts.

Redskins @ Raiders

The Raiders have been improving late in this season. They defeated the Steelers last Sunday and are looking to take another one over an up and down Washington team. I have the Raiders 20-17 in a hard fought trench fight.

Rams @ Titans

After an 0-6 start the titans sit at 5-7. Vince Young has proven he is the guy to lead Tennesee to the playoffs in the coming years. The Rams are just awful and shouldnt even be considered a team. Maybe they could win some games if they played in the Missouri High School Playoffs. 38-7 Titans.

Chargers @ Cowboys

This is a must win for the Dallas Cowboys. At 8-4 they have to stay up front in the NFC East. With a loss and an Eagles win, they would fall to one game back in the race for the division victory. I have the Chargers however 28-24.

Eagles @ Giants

NFC East rivals going head to head in a war for the second spot. I have the Eagles beating the Giants 31-20 in a game with playoff implications.

Cardinals @ 49ers

Both of these teams have improved over the course of a year. Arizona went to the Super Bowl last season and almost came out with a win. I have them going 21-10 over the pesky 49ers.