Franklin-Silva: Complete and Utter Domination

Jonathan FryCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2007

IconSaturday evening answered a lot of questions for MMA fans.

Was the beating that Rich "Ace" Franklin received at the hands of Anderson "Spider" Silva 53 weeks ago legitimate?

We all know now that the answer is yes.

It was sheer domination by the Brazilian fighter, who improved to 20-4 with the victory and retained his middleweight championship.

After one mean right hook to the jaw, Franklin crumbled at the end of the first round—and every Silva fan around the world smelled another first-round knockout.

I for one leaped from my seat—only to have the bell ring, and leave me agreeing with UFC President Dana White:

"Silva is a f*cking monster."

Round Two wasn't much better for the former champ. Franklin came out reenergized but fell victim to the devastating Thai clinch of Silva, who used the cage and his technique to deliver knee after knee to his opponent's jaw.

My only question for MMA fans:

Who can beat Anderson Silva?

With Franklin coming up so far short, is there anyone who can compete at Silva's level? As it stands, I think Silva is middleweight champion for the long haul. He has the athleticism, charisma, and work ethic to rule the division for as long as he wants.