CAN YOU SAY LOSER OF THE WEEK! Rosy Plays More Time Then Gabby, What!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2009

WOODRIDGE, IL - AUGUST 19:  Assistant Coach John Tortorella  poses for a portrait during the USA Olympic Men's Ice Hockey Orientation Camp on August 19, 2009 at Seven Bridges Ice Arena in Woodridge, Illinois.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Tonight in an extremely fast paced game the Ranger went up against the Chicago Black Hawks.  Chicago pressured the Rangers throughout this game and Henrik Lundqvist  was superb.

The Rangers scored first blood as Chris Higgins score another sweet goal. His second in the last 3 games.

Higgins played a very good game.  As I said in previous articles, I think Higgins issue is that he is just unlucky. But tonight his luck changed. as he scored a beautiful goal.

Brian Boyle played a very good game. He was physical, he blocked shots on the penalty killing. And he had a few scoring chances. He stepped up his game and he was effective.

The second period the Black Hawks turn it up and pressured the blue shirts even more then the first period.  Chicago had many quality chances but again Hank pulls through stopping everything. They second period ends with no goals scored, but momentum was in Chicago’s favor!

The third period turns into a disaster as the Rangers rack up the penalties.  3 total forcing the RANGERS ON THE DEFENSE instead of being on the offense.  Six penalties in all for the blue shirts and it is on the six penalty, a Girardi tripping call, that gave the Hawks the chance to tie the game and Jonathan Toews  does just that.

With four Rangers in front of the net , not one of them can find the and clear the puck and Chicago was relentless chipping a way  at the puck and Toews flips it up over Lundqvist.  Bringing the game into over time.

The Rangers had chances to score but could not finish. And on a one on two  Dustin Byfuglien beats two RANGERS  and knocks in the game winner.

Lundqvist was awesome stopping massive attacks and he had no support again. It was not just the defense here as the Rangers were held to only one shot on goal in the third period.  Totally unacceptable. 

There is a problem when you have Donald Brashear put more shots on goal than anyone else!  This is a disappointed loose. Lundqvist played his best game of the season. You have to wonder what he is really thinking. He showed his frustration as he slammed his stick up against the glass at the end of the game.

The Rangers forth line of Brashear, Christensen and Parenteau posed the biggest threat on the ice doing everything right and again for some unknown reason are limited ice time of 5 1/2  minutes.

Sure we do not expect to many goals from your forth line. But it was that line that put massive pressure on Chicago.  You use that line to wear down the Hawks and Tortorella did not do this. 

Really at this point in time you have to feel bad for Henrik Lundqvist.  The Rangers did not show up to play, the third period was a disaster and the Rangers could not even keep up with the Black Hawks.

Total shots on net was Chicago 41 Rangers 18 need we say more. 

If you watched the Rangers post game interview every announcer touched base on everything I have ever said for the last past 5 weeks.  So why the hell does Tortorella not realize this. This dam joke of a coach needs to go, he over stayed his welcome. 

You need to play your offensive players.  Kotaik played 8 minutes, anisimov 9 minutes , Christensen 5 minutes, P.A 7 1/2 minutes Gabby 20 minutes and guess what, Michal Rozsival had 25:48 minutes of play time. Are you kidding me.  I am so ticked right now I am done. I doubt we can even say anything more that hasn’t been already said.

John Tortorella is a joke and he has turned this team into a laughing stock.  Sather if you ever took any advise act now and get rid of this clown. Tortorella you dam bum, you earned the loser of the week again you jack ass!