Patriots: Show Some Heart, Seasons Not Over Yet

Tray Leonidas@Mr_StCloud300Correspondent IDecember 9, 2009

03 Feb 2002:   Owner / Chairman Bob Kraft of the New England Patriots is presented with the trophy during post-game ceremonies at Superbowl XXXVI at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The Patriots defeated the Rams 20-17. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images
Al Bello/Getty Images

Well in all interest of fairness, I believe that all Patriot fans should be slightly depressed after losing 2 in a row. Heck, i cracked open a few and asked "Why is my team playing like this?"

In all honesty the answers are obivious.

We're young, and rebuilding so of course we aren't going to be in super bowl form, but we have played like we can be in some games. To say the Patriots can't possibly make a super bowl run is insane at the least, especially if you have been watching The NFL the last 2 and 1/2 seasons.

I see fans sulking, saying "We won't even make the playoffs" and "Our dynasty is over" and lets not forget "We'll never make a super bowl now" or at least the fans out here are saying that, hence the article I'm typing.

Way to believe in your team Patriot fans.

Show some heart, Show some pride! And if we do, our team will do the same.

As far as the doubters, allow me to give you a lesson in the history in football.

in 2001, a Teams First string QB by the Name of Drew Bledsoe got injured playing and had to be replaced by Tom Brady.

"Who the F*%$ is Tom Brady?" Is exactly the first thing I said.

We wound up losing the game 10-3 and I was starting to lose faith. Luckily for me this Tom Brady cat didnt turn out to be half bad. On the contrary, he lead the team to 11-5 and a second seed in the playoffs, ultimately upsetting "The Formerly Greatest Show on Turf" The St. Louis Rams.

The 2001 New England Patriots did it With half the Talent they had now, but you know what else they had to go along with that?


Some of the most heart I had ever seen, They won that game on My birthday too; The Perfect Birthday Present, My teams First Superbowl Championship.

Fast Forward it 6 years later. The Patriots look unstoppable in every aspect of the game. In Fact, We were so unstoppable we wind up going 16-0 that year. New year rolls in, and it's the New England Patriots Vs. The New York Giants in the Super Bowl.

"Who the F%#* are the New York Giants?" Is what I Said, again.

They were this hotshot underdog team that no one expect to be in the playoffs for very long. They Wind up Taking Down the Bucs, the Cowboys, and The Packers to get where they were today.

New England Beat New York to become 16-0. The Giants Beat The Patriots To be The World Champions one of the biggest upsets in football history. Unfortunately, This was also on by Birthday.

So I Dont think we are in a tight spot at all, We lost to Miami, Unpredictable Miami. Doesnt Mean we should be depressed or anything. We have to have Faith.

"Who the F*&# are the Arizona Cardinals?" I'm saying that as I Type this.

They were this 9-7 Team that Found a Way to go to the Super Bowl, with Pride and Heart. They lost, but they were AT the big dance. Sure they had some talent, but not as much as the teams they beat and played. They were better when it counted, All the Way up to the Super Bowl. You just got to have HEART.

I believe thats all we got to do, and we can Definitely Make a Super Bowl Run. Whether we get the 2nd seed or not, I think we can upset and turn some heads to become where we were in 2001. It's too soon to be hanging our heads. We have 4 games coming up that New England should definitely win.

If The Patriots did it in 2001, and The Giants of 2007 and Cardnials of 2008 did it, Why not the Patriots of 2009?

Heads up Patriot fans, this seasons not over yet.