Kimbo Slice To Fight Kim Couture

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Kimbo Slice To Fight Kim Couture
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UFC president Dana White has been on a long time hold out of women competing in his organization. His belief that the talent pool isn't deep enough was his justification. That is, until inspiration struck. That inspiration: Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Fergusson.

Slice, the Internet phenomenon turned EliteXC poster boy turned Ultimate Fighter disappointment turned UFC poster-boy continues to make headlines.

The often criticized (by no one more than White himself) fighter has remained in the public eye for one reason or another. One thing is for sure, even in failure, Slice has been unable to stay out of the public eye.

Even most recently, Slice was put on the poster of The Ultimate Fighter finale side-by-side with the co-main even fighters Matt "The Hammer" Hammill and Jon "Bones" Jones. Perhaps it would have made more sense to have the other co-main event fighters on the poster; perhaps it would have made more sense to have fighters that made it to the quarter finals on the poster. Perhaps Kimbo is the crack of MMA. He's in our blood and we need him.

However, the problem with crack (just like heroine, acid, pain-killers and anything else a writer with a mundane life can get his hands on) is that eventually the high isn't as high. You need something else. Enter Kim Couture.

If there were anyone in women's MMA to equal the unearned popularity of Slice, it is the betrothed of former UFC champ Randy Couture.

You disagree?

Mrs. "Sugar Free" is 1-1 in MMA competition. She went the distance in her first fight and got destroyed in her second and for this she gets the attention of some of the biggest MMA sites on the Internet.

So, perhaps it was natural that Dana White would be at the forefront of the newest marketing idea that combines over-hyped, under-talented fighters: an Andy Kaufmann style inter-gender fight.

While the fight is just in the preliminary planning stages, the early rumors are that Kimbo will not be allowed to hit Couture above the belly-button or below the top of her landing strip.

Couture will be allowed to kick Kimbo in the family jewels and pull Kimbo's styled chest/nipple hair.

Rumors are also that Kimbo will also only be allow to fight from his back or with his devastatingly pathetic attempt at a rear naked choke. And Couture will be allowed the option to have her husband "The Natural" as a tag-team partner that can be tagged in for 30 seconds once per round.

Sound ridiculous? Sure about that? Seth Petruzzeli was paid not to take his fight with Kimbo to the ground. Kimbo was allowed a free pass onto the Ultimate Fighter for the publicity. Couture sucks as a fighter and only exists in MMA thanks to her husband. Oh, and Dana White is a money whore that underpays his fighters. Give it time.

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