Sidney Ponson Returns—He's Baaack

T KCorrespondent IJune 18, 2008

I guess the Yankees needed an answer to the Red Sox signing Bartolo Colon.

The rotund Sidney Ponson has rejoined the Yankees after he was released by the Rangers just two days ago. I really thought that Yankees were a well-run franchise, but this is pushing it.

There are only two plausible explanations for inking him to a deal: he has a respectable 3.88 ERA in nine starts and he has averaged over six innings per start. But that's about it.

Lets look a little closer. He's really a hitter's dream, as he has posted WHIPs of 1.46, 1.88, 1.69, 1.73, and 1.55 the last five seasons. He has the seventh worst strikeout rate in the majors among starters with at least 40 innings pitched.

It's not like he's pitched against formidable teams either. The best offense he's faced is the Minnesota Twins who are 14th in the majors in runs per game. Every other offense is average at best (OAK, TB, CLE, HOU, SEA and KC).

Moreover, the Yankees couldn't possibly think that his 2006 stint in the Bronx instilled any confidence that he's still a serviceable major league pitcher. In three starts, he allowed 16 runs and 24 base runners in 12 innings. After the third start, the Yankees released him—for good reason.

The best part is that the Rangers released Ponson for disciplinary reasons. It had nothing to do with his on-field performance. I really can't see why the Yankees actually want this guy in their rotation.