Why Women's Wrestling Fans Are The Best-Ever.

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Why Women's Wrestling Fans Are The Best-Ever.

Hello B/R world.I'm back.This time I'll be explaining to you why women's wrestling fans are,have been,and always will be the best fans in the world-ever.


The first reason is loyalty.Us women's wrestling fans are the most loyal you will find anywhere.When we say we like someone,we'll stand by them no matter what.If haters arise,we'll be there to crush them,respectfully of course.

Although our loyalty can lead us into some pathetic situations,we continue to support our favorites.Without this,the Trish's and Lita's of the past era would have never been.They would have been booed out of the stadium one week and cheered to supremacy the next.


Women's wrestling fans are never afraid to voice their opinions,but we won't be voicing nice things if our standards aren't met.If we're not happy,we'll let you know.That's why we're usually labeled "ass holes" or "bitches",when in reality we're just wanting more.

Our standards are very high,and being praised by any true women's wrestling fan is a massive compliment,male or female.That's why people like Maria or Lacey VE,as sweet as they are,usually get bashed to a T'.

These special types of fans can be thought of as sort of like a baby who wants a certain thing but can't communicate it,or Vince McMahon.Our standards have to be met,or you will most definitely feel our wrath.


A true women's wrestling fan is smart.The reason we voice our opinions so easily is not because we hide behind a computer,it is because we can back our stuff up.I dare you to go on a women's wrestling forum and try to cross one of us,because to be honest,you'll be chewed up and spat out of there like yesterday's garbage!

We know our stuff,which is why trying to argue with one of us is too hard for a normal fan to handle.We know what to say,and just how to say it,so I wouldn't challenge one of us unless I knew I could win.


As much as people try to bring us down,we'll just keep comin' back up!You can think of us as the babyface who's being beat down throughout the whole match but ends up winning in the end anyhow.

Fan Base

Even though people think we're small in numbers,we have fans from all around the world in our group!From Portugal to Europe to Japan to here in North America,we've got em' all.

We are eachothers support systems.Even though things can get caddy between some people,at the end of the day we're just one big,cooky,dysfunctional family!If one person wrongs one of us,they've wronged all of us.

This is the most crucial component in being a women's wrestling fan,because we all share one main goal:to support women's wrestling everywhere.That's why we can't try and diminish eachother all the time.

I hope now you understand why we're the best,and if you don't,reread this article as many times as it takes for you to get it!To support women's wrestling go to one of the best sites on women's wrestling:Diva-Dirt.com

Thanks for readin'!Remember to comment also!




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