Chad Ochocinco In The UFC. Please Dana, Make It Happen!!

Monty HeldtContributor IDecember 9, 2009

CINCINNATI, OH - DECEMBER 6: Chad Ochocinco  #85 of the Cincinnati Bengals runs against the Detroit Lions in their NFL game at Paul Brown Stadium December 6, 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio.    (Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images)
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I am a little behind on this, as it is from a few weeks ago.  However, I just have to get this off of my chest.


I cannot stand the media whore known at the moment, as Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, from the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals.  I watch the NFL as religiously as I watch MMA

I do not have to go over Chad and his antics.  The fact of the matter is that he is a mid to high level player, with serious problems simply concentrating on being a good teammate, and NFL player.  Recently, he pulled a "cute" little ruse, pretending to bribe an official.  On Sunday, the clever trick of the week was to pull out some clowny sombrero, and poncho, and begin walking around.  Oh, the hilarity indeed.


To me, the worst OchoNono transgression was putting on a phony, yellow, hall of fame Suit Coat, with the "HOF 20-?" emblazoned on the back.  If I knew Chad, I might had said to him..."Sir, your numbers, and career are nowhere near the Hall Of Fame.  Perhaps if you focused MORE on the team game of Football, and LESS on foolish antics, they might.  If you were to poll every member of the hall of fame in the NFL, right now, they would tell you the same thing.  What an insult to the pioneers of the game.  OchoNono, you couldn't shine the shoes of Jerry Rice, Marvin Harrison, or hell, even Clifford Branch."  And that is how I legitimately feel.  The vast majority of football fans feel this way.


But, despite his best efforts, Marvin Lewis has been unable to get Chad to quit this nonsense.  Neither has several thousands in fines from the NFL.  The bribing of the official, while a joke, and only for one dollar, should have carried a 500 thousand dollar fine, and multi game suspension.  That might have tamed the antics.


But, as it would turn out, Ocho himself has come up with the "million dollar idea".  He is saying that he wants to fight.  He actually is saying that he wants to fight Anderson Silva, and he is begging Dana to hook it up.

Dana, is not one who wants MMA to be too much of a side show.  We may need Gary Shaw here.

Dana, if you are reading this, I implore you.  Let this happen!  Actually, though, can we make it Thiago or Wanderlei, instead?  I mean, lets make it someone who is not really in on the joke.  Lets make it someone who might let it go a little while too, and methodically inflict a few good shots, and maybe a submission, or choke out. 

Chad is saying that he boxes, and so, I say, lets pump him up, and give him the cheers he so craves.  Yay!  Chad OchoNono!  Fight, fight, fight!  Chad, you can do it man.  You could be a top contender, and heck, we will give you a UFC hall of fame coat, to walk to the ring in, complete with question mark on the back.  This could be awesome.  Chad, you could be a "real" contender!  Please, man, get in the cage!


And for the love of god, do not show him the video of Jose "puts the can in" Canseco against Hong Man Choi.