Rutgers Needs Tim Brown Healthy For St. Pete's Bowl

Double G SportsCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2009

Rutgers is headed to the St. Petersburg Bowl on December 19th against Central Florida. Rutgers needs to do one thing in order to beat UCF. Pass, Pass, Pass.

This Central Florida teams is not a bad football team. These guys can play. After all, it is a bunch of Florida athletes. Rutgers has some of its own Florida athletes and one of them could drastically change this game if healthy.

Senior wide receiver Tim Brown is a Florida boy. The Central Florida defense is very good up front. They can and most likely will stuff the Rutgers rushing attack. Rutgers will need to throw the ball if they plan to sustain drives. The main deep threat for the Scarlet Knights is Brown. The man can flat out fly when healthy. Brown has the speed to get by defenders very quickly. Freshman quarterback Tom Savage could have a huge day if he can continuously look to Brown deep.

The problem with all of this is, Tim Brown may not be able to play in the final game of his college career. Brown has a pretty bad ankle injury. He toughed it out and played hurt the last two regular season games Rutgers played. In the Louisville game, he was able to fight through the pain and make some big plays. However, in the regular season finale against West Virginia, Brown was a non factor and apparently re-injured the ankle.

Of course Tim Brown would love to play. Who would want to miss the final game of their college career. Brown is one of the toughest players I have seen. He has the speed. He may not have the size of some of the big boys, but this kid is a football player. Flat out toughness! You can bet he will do everything he can to get on that field and contribute.

Like I said, Central Florida has a good run defense. Rutgers rushing attack has not been very good this season. In fact, in recent weeks, their most effective rushing attack has been the wildcat plays run by freshman receiver Mohamed Sanu. So, Savage may need to take this game into his freshman hands and find some receivers.

Brown has been the only consistent deep threat Rutgers has. Sanu has played very well, especially for a freshman, but he is more of a short to middle range receiver. Rutgers can and should win this game with or without Brown, but having the speedster healthy will make it that much more exciting!

Timmy..get healthy man!