Is Pavlyuchenko The Man For Arsenal?

Madhav TiwariCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2009

Yes, everyone that's right Arsenal are linked with Pavlyuchenko. He currently plays (sits on the bench) for Arsenal's fiercest rivals Tottenham Hotspur and is really unhappy. He arrived to London 2 years ago and was quite succeesful and happy before the arrival of Jermaine Defoe and Peter Crouch. This season he is very much likely to leave London because of less playing time given to him (actually the benches aren't comfortable) and is much likely to return Russia.

 With Arsenal craving for a good, tall and cheap striker he may be the best man. He is very much compared to Arsenal's Arshavin (although Arshavin is way better) and with the presence of the Russian captain already at Arsenal he even may be lured easily. Of course he won't need much time to settle in London as he already lives there.

One thing he would have to hear are the boooooos of the Tottenham fans but who cares there are many players in the past who have been transferred between some fierce rivals and have been successful, the best examples are Sol Campbell (not much successful these days), Luis Figo and many more. The 6ft 2ins striker is good in air has good strength and composure is maybe the answer to Arsenal's striker crisis.He can even play in the Champions League as Tottenham do not play in it or can't finish in the top four (love to say it).

So, what's your opinion....