Sleeveless Twins play a Whole Different Ballgame

Timothy BogerCorrespondent IJune 18, 2008


This isn't in the box score, and I can't find a split of it on Baseball Reference's website.

And I also know that it probably doesn't have an effect on anything. This is just my excuse to go look up useless statistics.

But I've seen the Twins play in their relatively-new sleeveless home uniforms with blue undershirts five times this year. And they've won four of them. Their one loss came against Texas in a 10-inning game.

Last night, 6/17 v. Washington (W, 2-1)

6/2 v. New York (W, 7-6)

5/22 v. Texas (L, 8-7)

5/12 v.  Boston (W, 7-3)

5/2 v. Detroit (W, 11-1)

Now, as a disclaimer, let me remind you that all of these were started by Livan. Well, I guess that's not much of a disclaimer after all, since Livan is terribly inconsistent. When he's wearing these uni's though, he is 3-0 with two NDs.

The Twins bat .328 in these uniforms with 4 home runs (.8 home runs per game!) and 6.6 runs per game. Remarkable, considering the Twins on the season are .268 on the average with 45 home runs (.63 HR per game) and 4.6 runs per game. Oofda. Probably the most significant statistic? Slugging percentage in these 5 games, against both the best and worst that the league has to offer, is .575. Yup. As opposed to a .388 slugging percentage for the whole season.

And the pitching staff -- well, mostly Livan in these games, seeing as he's been the starter in all of these -- has been rock solid as well, with a 3.32 ERA. That is lower than the ERA of every starting pitcher in the rotation as well as most of the bullpen.

I'm not saying the uniforms look all that terrific, but with numbers like these, let's see them in those sleeveless uni's some more!