What Is With Boston's Fans?

Toby ChristieSenior Analyst IJune 18, 2008

The Boston Celtics capped off an incredible season by crushing the Los Angeles Lakers 131 to 92 in game six of the NBA Finals.  Boston fans have a reason to be happy, but why is it that every time they have reason to celebrate they overshadow their teams victory with violence?

22 fans were arrested during the Celtics championship, most for disorderly conduct.  The offenders caused damage to their beloved city, the city of which they hold dearest.  If they love their city so much, why is it that every time a Boston team wins, their fans do something that overshadows the teams victory?

In 2004 A New England Patriots fan was struck on celebration night by a fellow Patriot fan who was driving drunk, killing him instantly.

When the Boston Red Sox advanced to the ALCS against the Yankees, students at UMass—Amherst lit fires, flipped cars, and attacked university police officers.

In all fairness Boston fans aren't the only fans to ever riot, but the fact that they have done it so much more often is a cause for concern.

Boston Fans, your team won the NBA Finals, now is a time for celebration, but don't do it at the cost of losing parts of your city, or even other fellow Bostonians.