Who's 'The Next Big Thing' In Women's Wrestling?

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Who's 'The Next Big Thing' In Women's Wrestling?

The next megastar in women’s  wrestling.Let’s take a look at the possibilities,shall we?

Alicia Fox

alicia-foxxy1Alicia  Fox,otherwise known as A-Fox or Alicia Fierce,is one of the up-and-coming wwe divas.She has thus far proven that she can hang with the best of the best,but can she become the best of the best?Alicia already has some great signature moves,tilt-a-whirl backbreaker,full nelson,etc,and now all she needs is a finisher.What do you guys think her finisher should be?(Post in comments)Of course,because of her height,it should emphasize her legs.I’m thinking a guillotine ddt,or axe kick.She hangs her opponent on a rope,then nails them!We all know Alicia has the chops to be a ‘great one’,but will wwe allow her to be a great one?She has all the swagger and sassyness(Too sassy to handle,and I love it!) in her arsenal of heel tactics,but what now?Does she wait and keep getting better,or will she be just another jobber-in-the-works like Rosa Mendez?(I sure as hell hope not!Rosa needs to step up her game,and seriously needs to learn how to take a bump!)Plus,it seems wwe is really set on making Alicia a sidekick.I could see Ms.Foxy mixing it up in the ring with the likes of Beth,Mickie,Gail,Michelle,Melina,all the top stars,and she already has mixed it up with some of those ladies.Besides,Alicia has years ahead of her to improve,and can only get better in the future,so my advice to Ms.Foxy is,keep rolling with the punches,you’ll get your chance soon enough.

-To support Alicia,and her sassyness,please visit,ALICIA-FOX.NET

Natalya Neidhart

nattie41Probably the most under-utilized diva before Jillian,Natalya is a female juggernaut,and in my opinion,wwe’s secret weapon.Natalya debuted in April of 2008,impressively attacking the now women’s champion,Michelle McCool.Since Natalya’s small push in 2008,all we’ve seen from her is the joining of the Hart Dynasty,and unfortunately for us,that meant less wrestling from the best wrestler,male or female,on the roster.We all know Natalya can be a top diva,and in our minds,mine at least,she already is,but the wwe just can’t seem to put her in the ring more,why?Because the writers from wwe are idiots,that’s why.Here’s a run-through of their daily routine on what the divas will be doing on the show:”Ok,ummm…….oh!I got it!Let’s make a diva tag team match,but this time……..Melina will team with Eve instead of Maria!Hooray!”:…idiots!There are tons of millions of things they could be doing with Natalya,with all the divas for that matter,but they insist on continuing the ‘diva tag team marathon’.Natalya would have been a two-time champion by now if I were in charge!Here’s a list of all the things Natalya possesses that could contribute to her success:

1.Experience-Natalya has worked with the best of the best and she is the best of the best.

2.Power-Natalya is your typical monster heel,and as we all know monster heels are almost always garun-damn-teed to become huge stars.

3.Moves-Natalya’s moveset is endless,and the fact that she’s strong doesn’t hurt either.

I mean,Beth vs Natalya is almost every women’s wrestling fan’s dream match,and she’s only been in the company for a year and a half!So all we can do is hope,hope that one day this great woman will become ‘The Next Big Thing’.And we can also stick pins in wwe management voodoo dolls.

-To support this third generation diva,please go to n-neidhart.com

Eve Torres

eveHer recent push along with improving skills makes for wwe’s next top diva.Beginning on Smackdown as an interviewer,this diva took everyone by storm when she got in the ring,but it wasn’t until Eve dished out one of the most unique diva finishers,her handspring moonsault,which she always delivers perfectly,that she began to get people’s attention.Eve brought out her new move in the midst of her fued with fellow diva search winner,Layla.But the question is,can one move really change someone into a top star?And the answer is,no,but Eve Torres hasn’t just dished out a great move,she’s also improved greatly in the ring.Eve seems a tad bit uncomfortable in the ring,but with more training,and some character development,we could be looking at ‘The Next Big Thing’ in women’s wrestling.So I say Eve better just suck every last bit of this push she’s getting(Like I suck the chocolate off my fingers),or it may just be the last time we even say her name,”Eve who?Oh yeah,that girl that was just fired by TNA last week!I hate her!”(Is that what you want Eve?IS IT?!)

-To support this improving gal’,visit TOTALLY-TORRES.NET

Gail Kim

gailkimShe’s fast,she’s agile,she’s Gail Kim,and you gotta believe she’s got what it takes to be ‘The Next Big Thing’.(How many times have I said that now?)The first knockouts champion got a small push after debuting in late 2008,but then what?Nothing,nothing at all.After teasing a fued between Mickie and herself,it was dropped,face first,and we still don’t know if it’s gonna happen.Gail has one of the,if not the most unique moveset in the wwe.Announcers don’t even know what to call her moves,and no,it’s not just because Michael Cole is a boob.The only thing Gail is lacking is character.
But,put her in a few promos,and I think you’ve got the next top star.I think that the only thing Gail needs is a chance,and a good opponent.That opponent I have in mind,is Mickie James.

-To support the high-flying aerialist,Gail Kim, go over to GailKimSource.com

Angela Fong

angelaAngela hasn’t yet been called up to the main roster,but she’s already better than half of the roster.She’s like a lesser version of Gail Kim,oh….but no offense ;).I’d like to see Angela called up to Smackdown,as they’re in desperate need of a new diva.I could see Angela battling  against the greats.I would love to see Angela vs Gail,another ‘already’ dream match of many diva fans across the globe.All you need as proof that this girl has what it takes are her two matches against Alicia and Natalya in fcw.If you haven’t seen those two one-on-one matches,go check them out now!(But finish reading first!)You don’t know what your missing.

-Support this up-and-comer at Angela-Fong.com

Serena Deeb

serenaSerena is a seasoned veteran in the ring,and if you don’t believe me,just go watch her match between Beth Phoenix and Katie Lea Burchill in OVW,if only all women could wrestle like that*gazes into the sky*,*sigh*.Serena was reportedly signed by the wwe,and all I’m wondering is why the hell she isn’t wrestling yet!This girl can go,and I’m sure she could get the crowd behind her,once again,you’ve got to check her out in OVW,she was amazing!I haven’t seen Serena on the mic yet,but she can wrestle so well,I might not even care……….ok,I’m lying,she HAS to be great at everything.Just like Angela,I think Serena needs to be inserted onto the Smackdown roster.So,now with some newly acquired ‘assets’ Serena is officially ‘diva material’,not that she needed those balloons to be!She can walk-the-walk,and hopefully talk-the-talk too.I personally think Serena was a ‘big time hit’ for the wwe,and I can’t wait for her to get in the ring with the likes of Melina,Michelle,Gail,etc.

-Support the ‘big time hit’ at SerenaDeeb.com



Ok,I know what you’re thinking,”Are you on crack?”.The answer is no,no I am not on the crack the wwe creative team is on.Victoria may be a top female wrestler,but she hasn’t been the ‘talk of the women’s wrestling town’ in years,and now that she’s over in TNA,she very well may be ‘The Next Big Thing’.After being turned into a joke over in the wwe,Victoria discovered the wonderful world of knockouts.She was pushed by TNA and became Knockouts Champion,only to lose it a few weeks later,but I fully expect Victoria to regain the championship after dealing with Awesome Kong.We all know she’s got what it takes,and if you don’t think so then YOU must be on crack,so it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’.

-Support the vicious vixen at Victoria-Web.org

Cheerleader Melissa/Alissa Flash

alissa1Alissa Flash,better known as Cheerleader Melissa is powerful,cold,and hardcore.She’s a brawler,and she knows how to wrestle.No wonder she’s nicknamed ‘The Future Legend’ of wrestling,it’s because she is the future legend,and rightfully so.This girl can do it all.She can wrestle,she can talk,she can manage,and most importantly,she knows how to put on a good match.Apparantly,she also knows how to multitask.A lot of people know her as the rough-edged Cheerleader and TNA’s newest acquisition,Alissa Flash,but what you may not know about her,is that she has been under TNA for years now,as the women under the burkha,Raissa Saeed.You’ve got to be some kind of superwoman to play three characters at once,and this girl is that woman.But am I ever glad she finally took that thing off!Now we know who’s really been there all along,and we’re definitely loving her!

-Support the ‘Future Legend’ at AlissaFlash.com

Sarah Stock/Sarita

saritaSarita,better known as Sarah Stock,burst onto the scene in TNA in a refreshing women’s wrestling match against Alissa Flash in a great match.I’m a mark for the lucha libre style,so this girl’s already won me over,but she’s won many others over thanks to her style too.She has yet to speak on the mic,but so far so good!If she keeps going at this pace,the sky’s the limit for her.Sarita is getting a push right away,and she shows great chemistry with all of the women she works with,a quality that’s not so easy to find,just ask Katie Lea.If Sarita can leave a mark in women’s wrestling here in North America,I’m sure we’ll be seeing many more lucha libre-style wrestlers here.I’m looking forward to seeing this woman in action soon,and hopefully the Knockout’s Title around her beautiful waist.

-Support this high-flying beauty at www.sarah.newscott.com

Traci Brooks


Our tenth,and final listing of the day,is none other than the ‘Original Knockout’,Traci Brooks.Traci recently turned heel,and I gotta say,as a bitchy heel mark(Probably the biggest in the world,and don’t nobody try to challenge me!),I am loving the new Traci.She cut a bad-ass promo on TNA and,well……basically,who knew?I mean,who frikkin knew?The truth is,Traci can wrestle,it’s just that nothing about her moveset really stands out from the other knockouts,it’s just kind of……bleh.But nonetheless,Traci has been on a roll as of late,and I can’t get enough of her,she oozes bitchyness.Some people are just born to play heels,and Traci is one of them.So you keep working that bitchyness Traci,just work on your moves a little bit also.

-Support this buxom babe turned biotch at Traci-Brooks.com

Thank you for reading this blog,and I hope you enjoyed it!Trust me,it took A LOT of work.All of the posters in this blog were made by me at fotoflexer.com(That was the hard part!).It’s free,and fun!So try it out!It might help you in the future.It may not be up to photoshop status,but it’s still good.Finally,10 women and countless nicknames later,vote for your favorite ‘Next Big Thing’ in the comments.Thanks for readin’!

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