MLB: Josh Willingham Remembers His Roots

Lawrence BlanchardContributor IJune 18, 2008

Josh Willingham, All Star outfielder for the Florida Marlins, played a three game rehab stint with my beloved Carolina Mudcats last weekend and acted like he had never left Double A ball. He was friendly, enthusiastic, and very humble.

I found it hard to believe that a big leaguer would remember so many people from the days he was in the minor leagues, but at first glance, Josh recognized me right away and immediately asked me how the kids and I were.

He talked to my daughter and signed her Mudcats bat, he smiled and posed for pictures, and best of all, he took the field for two very exciting games.

I watched the way he interacted with the younger guys like John Raynor and Cameron Maybin and the way they reacted to him and it brought back the reason I attend all the games, baseball is fun. A kids' game played by adults who want to be kids, and watched by fans who want to be ballplayers.

Thank you Josh for bringing back the fan in me.