NHL: What Happened to the Battles?

Ryan MaltaisContributor IJune 18, 2008

I don't know about everyone else, but I miss the hitting part of the game. I know they opened up the game for more goals, but by doing that we lost one of the best parts: the hitting

Sure, I saw some big hits in the playoffs. Niklas Kronwall and Brendan Morrow are two of the guys still punishing other players for touching the puck. But now all a guy does is just tap the other guy with his stick and he's in the box.

They need to let the players play the game with that killer instinct. I am a young guy and I play the game with my buddies. We don't care if someone slaps us over the hands.

The players now start crying whenever another player just rests his stick on him. To me, those are the guys that should be put in the box. If you can't take the hit, go play touch football.

Hockey is the fastest game on earth and is supposed to be the roughest, but the last few years the game has gotten less rough and faster. Don't get me wrong, I love the big goals and nice plays, but I love to see bone crushing hits and a power forward carry the defense to the net the way they use to.

I miss the fights in front of the net when a guy like Scott Stevens or Chris Pronger made you pay the price to tip pucks or crash the goal. I think the game has to try to keep some of what it has found with change but also bring back the corner and front of the net battles.