Flozell's Behavior Brings Controversy

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Flozell's Behavior Brings Controversy
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Flozell Adams has had two incidents this year with Justin Tuck alone. One, for tripping Tuck and injuring his shoulder. The other, for inciting a fight between him and specifically Justin Tuck involving the majority of the Giants sideline.

He was fined in Week 1 versus Tampa for punching an opponents helmet, $12,500 in the Week 2 loss to the Giants for his tripping penalty , and fined $7,500 for kicking a Carolina Panther. Not only was his behavior indecent, it was an embarrassment to the Cowboys organization. In the Week 13 battle divisional rematch between the Giants and Cowboys, Flozell once again started a fight between himself and Justin Tuck after the last whistle of the first half. Eventually involving most of the Giants’ players, Flozell was flagged but the penalty was automatically declined because of the time it occurred.

These offenses bring up the need for a change in the rules. Do three, possibly four fines bring up the need for automatic suspension? After Roger Goodell strengthened off the field conduct policies of NFL players, a need for on field rule changes are necessary.

So I propose two fines for unnecessary penalties result in an automatic 1 game suspension and a $50,000 fine. Although this may seem very strict, it is needed to keep players like Flozell Adams from ruining the integrity of the game. If players are able to commit acts of violence with little or no punishment, the limits will be pushed. So, a review of the current rulings are necessary to keep the professional behavior of players as Flozell Adams.


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