Anderson Silva Vs Chuck Liddell Could The Dream Matchup Soon Be a Reality

Jeremy FosterContributor IJune 18, 2008

Anderson Silva has been a dominant force in the UFC since his debut. He is currently the middleweight champion and now has decided to also fight as a light heavy weight too.

Some people might think Anderson is taking on to much since he will probably be fighting more fights in a year than most but I think he will be fine and the way he trains for a fight should get him prepared for whatever opponent he is going to go up against.

This also has me dreaming of a match-up against Chuck Liddell. I think if Anderson gets past his next two fights which he should with out any real trouble and if Chuck gets past Rashad Evans (which should be a very difficult fight for Chuck) I think we will see the match up and I personally think it would be the biggest fight in UFC history. Until then enjoy Anderson's next fight on spike TV for free!