Debate: Should the Olympics Include American Football?

Jordan VandiverCorrespondent IJune 18, 2008

I've always pondered why American football isn't in the Olympics. You could once say it wasn't played anywhere else.

Ever heard of the International Federation of American Football? It has 45 member associations. Japan alone has 60 different teams.

Others could argue it's because even if football were in the Olympics, the U.S. would win every time. There's no denying that (come on, if you have a brain stem, you'd know that any team from the NFL would destroy a foreign team), but let's look past that.

Does the Olympic Committee even realize how much their ratings would go up if they had football? Not that they aren't high, but they could so much higher.

Every red-blooded American football fan knows that the Olympics would be so much more complete with football. If we could open up football on a truly global scale, football's TV ratings could rival soccer. Yeah, I just said it. Just remember this: without football, the Olympics are incomplete.