The Big 3 Bring The Big One Back for the Boston Celtics

Anthony Davis Correspondent IJune 18, 2008 energetic bench. These three things have helped the Boston Celtics to win their 17th World Championship.

While analyzing this series the Celtics demonstrated the true meaning of a team and hardwork. In my first article I stated that the bench would play a vital part in this historic chapter and I was right for once. In my opinion a team is nothing without solid role players that will fit into the system and the Boston Celtics had that.

When you watch the games you can see the way the Big Three, Garnett, Pierce, and Allen, not only played off of each other but gathered much needed energy from the role players.

You could see at the top, even when they were down, the bench giving their teammates some encouragement. This display of unity shows a lot for a team in this day and age.

You can't put a price tag on that.

Well sports fans, like it or not the Boston Celtics, a team that went from worst to first, are now your NBA Champs and for the Lakers, hey there's always next year.