UFC:Lorenzo Fertitta to leave casino business to help run the UFC

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IJune 18, 2008

Dana White has announced today that the UFC's big announcement is that Lorenzo Fertitta will leave the casino business to help run the UFC.  White says that this is not because he is doing a bad job but because he is doing such a good job that it has become to big for one person to handle.  White also stated that the UFC plans to expand to mainland Europe, Brazil, and Asia.  This he says will lead to the UFC being one of the biggest sports industries in the world.

I think this move will greatly help the UFC now that Dana White is not running everything.  I believe that he isn't doing a bad job and that the job has just got too big for him but I also feel that Lorenzo Fertitta will be a calmer person who might be able to reach out to more people.  Now the UFC might also beable to get a network TV deal and show people how a real MMA organization runs shows not the WWE style show EliteXC puts on.