Rangers: Did Larry Brooks Knowingly Lie To Bash Glen Sather?

Metro HockeyCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2009

During the last off-season, when Brooks Orpik was on the free agent market, it was widely speculated that the Rangers would go hard after him since they lacked a physical defensemen. The Penguins ended up re-signing him and it was during that time, information came out saying that the Rangers offered Orpik a contract, but he turned it down because the contract length was not to his liking, even though they offered more money.

Those who are used to Larry Brooks' writing for the New York Post know he loves to bash Glen Sather every chance he gets, and last week he stated that Sather made no offer to Orpik at all, to further bash the GM for dropping the ball on a much needed signing.

Someone's information is not correct here, and this was brought to my attention by a student of Stony Brook University, Adrian Szkolar, who did some investigative journalism of his own, and even emailed Larry Brooks and Penguins' beat writer Rob Rossi to try and get some clarification over whether Brooks knowingly lied or not.

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