The Texans Aren't Who We Thought They Were

Fahim CarimContributor IDecember 7, 2009

HOUSTON - DECEMBER 13:  Head coach Gary Kubiak of the Houston Texans looks on during the NFL game against the Denver Broncos at  Reliant Stadium on December 13, 2007 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Thomas B.  Shea/Getty Images)
Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

We have told time and time again about how the Texans are a team on the cusp of greatness. We are shocked time and time again when they find new and creative ways to choke and lose in heartbreaking fashion.

This week when it looked like Matt Schaub was hot and going to lead the comeback they decided to give the ball the Chris Brown to do the traditional Texas choke. for the first time in his life he threw an NFL pass and completed it to a man in the wrong color jersey. Maybe The NFL should check if Kubiak is betting against the team. 

The truth is they aren't who we thought, a team on the cusp of greatness. They are a team on the cusp of legitimate mediocrity. The teams from past years were overachieving to reach mediocre they were lucky to do that. They were 6-10 teams that reached 8-8. Now we have a legitimate 8-8 which may get one extra and finish 9-7. That's who the Texans are.

It goes back to the coach and the style. Gary Kubiak is not the type of person to make a team a clutch team. Look at him as a player. He was content to back John Elway up for like 12 years or something. Kubiak could play too, he was a good QB but he was satisfied at backing Elway up. He wasn't like I'm better than this guy! I'm going to prove it! Get me out of here if I can't start! Kubiak was, "Well he's the best in football let me play my role". Does that sound like the mentality of a Superbowl coach? After every loss he's "Oh that ones on me. Hell yeah its on you! Who else would it be on?You're the Coach! Its not on me! 

If we win great, if we lose then there's next time doesn't work in pro games. That is in little league!

You don't have to scream but you have to be intense. Tomlin doesn't scream neither did Dungy but they were very intense. You couldn't just screw up then comeback next week as if nothing happened.

The other problem is the style of offense he runs. Its very run and shootesque. It's not physical and Kubiak like many QB coaches doesn't understand that aspect of the game. He tries to be physical every now and again. But to be physical is not running a play or two, its the approach to the game. It's the "we are going to win because we are bigger meaner and stronger than you" mindset.

The differance between a thinking mans skill based quick hitting offense is sometimes things go a little wrong, maybe the weather is bad, you arent as sharp on day or a guy has a temporary answer for what you are trying to do. It's like the fun and gun NBA Suns, everything is fine and dandy till you meet the bigger tougher Spurs and when you have to win and they have to win and everything is on the line. 

Its harder to execute skill based balancing acts consistently or under a lot of pressure. But with power based attacks You know what you want to do and he knows what you want to do but your going to do it any way. You can operate under pressure well maybe better. That has been when the Texans have been getting beat.

You do need a balance to take advanatage of everything out there but to be overly focused on one aspect doesn't work well in the long run. Pure physical teams have a hard time coming back from behind. But pure skill teams have a hard time finishing out games. We all know what kept happening to the Oilers who repeatedly blew 4th quarter playoff leads. If you can run well once you have the lead you don't have to pass and give them a chance to pick the ball off or get the strip sack. Just beat them up with the running game eat the clock and make Manning or whoever feel helpless and watch as you take 8 minutes to slowly drive down and punch in the put-away score.

Somebody might say say we aren't the Oilers we have a tight end. Yes but look a our running backs. Its clear the running game was an after-thought. Everybody but Kubiak knew Steve Slaton was a third down back who got a lot of garbage yards. He wasn't powering through people who knew he was coming. But Kubiak didn't know the difference. The other two Moats and Chris "I did throw the INT but I didn't beat Rihanna" Brown, who are more full time RB's, are just there, the Texans didn't want them in particular.

Kubiak doesn't get defense either. Its just a thing that happens, to him. He should be involved, fired up, demanding results. He is an offensive player so he should, but doesn't, realise the importance of wreaking havoc on the other teams plans. Offense wins regular season games defense wins playoff games. These "must win games" they keep losing are like playoff games.

No mistakes about it, this teams is only as good as their record will shows. They don't deserve to be better. They are not not not on the cusp of anything except going 8-8 10-6 next year maybe at best getting knocked out of the first round of the playoffs. This isn't college football you want to win it all. Coaches have been fired for not winning the Superbowl. You want a coach who can win it all.