Jens Lehmann: I Know How to Stop Ronaldo

K ShakranSenior Analyst IJune 18, 2008

German keeper Jens Lehmann said he knows how to stop Portuguese winger Cristiano Ronaldo when the two sides meet on Thursday in the EURO quarter final.

"He (Ronaldo) is very pleasant to watch playing. My former colleagues in the Arsenal defense found a very good recipe to stop him," said the former Gunners goalie.

"I will not explain to you now how this recipe works, but I know how you can play effectively against him and I have already spoken to our defender Arne Friedrich about it."

The Manchester United winger scored four goals in Arsenal's net since 2005.

"Ronaldo is a player who can make all the difference," added Lehmann.

Portugal have emerged as hot favorites for this year's title while the Germans have struggled during the group stages.

"This team, unfortunately, has other good players, it is necessary that we are well positioned to avoid letting them get into positions to score goals," concluded the German goalie.

The formula, however, is quite unclear. Lehmann might be playing the "war of words" to distract the young superstar.

Ronaldo has all the possible answers to break solid defenses, but what exactly is Lehmann referring to? Is it cutting off his ball suppliers, mainly midfield players? Cutting off left and right backs?

We''ll just have to wait and see.