CBS 2 Video of Minaya on Why He Fired Randolph

Landis MarksSenior Analyst IJune 18, 2008

It was odd perhaps. It was classless perhaps, but how would  you have fired a guy who has lead a team that has obviously under performed? How long were they supposed to wait?

 The Mets are a huge disappointment to their fans and very importantly to its owners. Rarely has ateam shelled out so much $$$ to get so little in return. From being on the precipice of a World Series in 2006 to a historic collapse in 2007 Willie just couldn’t get it done. Since the All-Star break of last season how can this team be under .500 and someone not have to pay the price?

 Someone had to pay, I say let the man making a cool $2M per year take the fall.

Hey I like Randolph and I think that he will back managing as soon as next year.

The Mets (and Minaya) did him a favor in giving a better chance at getting his next job by letting him go now. The longer they would have waited the less chance he would have finding the next golden egg contract.

The other side of it of course is that it gives Manny Acta ,who is currently slaving away for the Nats a chance to get away from that fool Jim Bowden and get to work for an organization that wants to win.