Gail Mrs GrayContributor IDecember 7, 2009

I believe if its not a rumor that Michael Schumacher is returning back to formula 1, that what my sources told me, and if that is true and not another bad rumor, Michael will fight hard again to claim his 8th World Championship title, he known Fernando Alonso had a bad season in 2009. and he knows who are the weakest and strongest contenders out there. i definately will agree with what he has mentioned in his letter i got, but i shall not reveal what his reply was, has i have promised in in good faith i shall never reveal what he says, its a writers oath you could say between the writer and the celebrity in question. Michael may have retired but he has never been a couch potato while he has retired. his neck has improved and thats a good sign at least for him.I am glad he is returning because since his retirement formula 1 has been boring most of the time, at least one bit of good news Silverstone will return to the F1 calanders for 17 years now, i have heard.