"The 2009 Steelers " What Could Have Ben".

melvin craftCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2009

 As seen this Sunday with the 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers it is certain that nothing is for certain. I have witnessed a 4 game losing streak again in my 31 years of being a Steelers fan and let me tell you this streak feels bad, like it's not true, Like - no way!!! Ya see, It's so surreal that this team with this much talent couldn’t lay the lumber on Da Raiders..  Yep, Da Raiders!!! Remember the losses in September if the Defense just makes that stop in Chicago on 4th and 3 or just makes that 4th and 2 stop in Cincinnati, I think you get the point. DEFENSE wins Championships just think about it...

The Steelers had the number 1 rated defense last year they didn’t lose anything on that side of the ball in fact they had the toughest schedule in the NFL by win percentage in like 38 years and totally impressed us all with the end results the Super bowl championship. Now they owned one of the softest schedules you know like the Patriots always get and look another Super bowl relapse. Someone should print up a bunch of Steeler T-shirts about this Season.

It's a tough pill to swallow knowing that this is the SAME team from a year ago, now does one player really make that much of a difference? I don’t think so!! Ok, 11 guys wear the Black & Gold not just 1 it took ALL 11 of them to win the Lombardi last year so why is it that now when 1 is out they can’t trust each other long enough to close out teams with a below-sub par high school offense like the Raiders or even the Chiefs and let’s not get two ahead of ourselves the Bengals are STILL the Bungals but that 1st win against the Steelers has made them a legit contender…  I know!! I know, but to sum this all up... this is a REAL end to of course “what could have ben" the 2009 season.