Cat Out Of The Bag: Favre And His Minnesota Vikings Bested By The Birds

Dan BasilContributor IDecember 7, 2009



Monday, December 7, 2009

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Mr. Favre and the Minnesota Vikings were routed by the Arizona Cardinals Sunday by a score of 30 - 17. The Minnesota team has a long way to go, with very little time left in the season, to be a formidable playoff opponent. After Sunday's game at the University of Phoenix Stadium, the men in purple showed how vulnerable the team really is.

With only three interceptions and one of the top quarterback ratings in the NFL going into the Arizona game, Brett Favre added two more interceptions to his stats. Favre's QB rating for the Cardinal game was a mere 79.4 versus his rating the week prior (versus Chicago) of 112.5. "I made some decisions that I haven't made to this point... and (I'm) disappointed about that", said Favre about his decision to throw under pressure which led to the 2 interceptions.

"We (kind of) abandoned the things that have gotten us here", said Coach Childress about the loss, "We faced a more desperate team and they played like that". Coach Childress summarized by saying they out-played his team and out tempo’d them as well. The Coach will have some assessing to do this week as they face a tough Cincinnati team this Sunday at the Metrodome.

Adriane Peterson was held for a mere 19 yards, a career low for one of the most touted players in the game and on the team. For the past 2 games, he has shown the symptoms of a hidden injury that might not be public to those outside of the inner circle of the team; number 28 may have had a re-injury of his ankle during the November 22nd game against Seattle. Peterson has not had a game over 100 yards since. He has seemed to be used as more of a decoy, than the running back the league and his sponsors have presented him to be.

The Minnesota Vikings have a long stretch to finish the remainder of the 2009 season. They are now plagued with injuries on both the offensive and defensive lines. They have proved to be extremely weak in the corner back and safety positions. The destined Hall of Fame quarterback and Most Valuable Player running back are also playing at sub-par levels.

The Viking team will need to bring out new attacks and plays, on both their offense and defense, in order to survive the final season stretch and to advance in the playoffs.  It is obvious that the League has the approach to beating the team figured out. The Vikings should take the Arizona loss as a reality check. And, certain members of the team, may be better team mates by pulling back from the personal spotlight interviews and returning to being the team players they appeared to be several months ago.

With Brett Favre in Minnesota for a likely one year stint, these players should be playing like a team desperate for the opportunity they have. The opportunity to get to the Super Bowl for the first time in over thirty years. Yesterday's game in Arizona should help the Minnesota team by serving as a mid-term report card for the work the team has to do to be a formidable opponent and a competitive team during the post season playoffs.




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