Dusty Baker Needs His Head Checked

T KCorrespondent IJune 17, 2008

If, for some terribly unfortunate reason, my GM signed Corey Patterson to play for my team, I wouldn't start him. Maybe an occasional pinch-run, but that's about it.

He's just a bad hitter. Of players with at least 150 plate appearances this season, Corey Patterson has the worst on-base percentage in the league (emphasis very much mine).

So, what does Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker do with him?

Bat him leadoff.

Mind you, he's batting in front of guys like Jay Bruce, Brandon Phillips, Adam Dunn, and Ken Griffey Jr. Mind you, he's gotten on base 30 times in 131 plate appearances out of the leadoff position. Mind you, he's failed to get on base 77 percent of the time for them. Mind you, that's terrible.

I'm pointing to my head and pointing to you, Dusty. Mind. You.