Baseball Winter Meetings Kick Off With Focus on Roy Halladay

Ian HunterCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2009

On your mark; Get set; Go!

All 30 of baseball's general managers will be off to the races today at the annual winter meetings in Indianapolis.

Although not as flashy as last year's backdrop in Sin City, the winter meetings will provide a stellar setting for some of the most talked-about storylines this offseason.

I've never been to and probably will never get the chance to cover the winter meetings, but I have a feeling that this year's gathering will have all the makings of a schoolyard at recess.

Alex Anthopoulos, the Toronto Blue Jays' GM, will be the cool kid in third grade who has the toy that everyone wants to play with (Roy Halladay), but will only accept a king's ransom for an opportunity to get their hands on it.

Don't expect much to change from what's already been reported on the hot stove, but there could be some progression in talks with existing teams in the Halladay sweepstakes.

It sounds like the big question will be whether or not the Red Sox or Yankees are willing to pony up and offer what the Blue Jays are asking for—the farm.

On the secondary front, Alex Anthopoulos will likely be shopping Lyle Overbay, and left-handed relievers like Brian Tallet and Scott Downs.

With the free agent catcher market dwindling by the week, Anthopoulos will have to make something happen by way of trades to lock up a starting catcher for 2010.

I'm not exactly sure why the general managers always decide to have this meeting in the dead of winter, but for once at least I can say that something interesting in the baseball world will be happening on my birthday (shameless birthday plug).

So Alex, if you could somehow manage to get the Halladay trade done, deal Lyle Overbay, and find a starting catcher all at some point today, that would make for an excellent birthday present. Thanks very much!