Most Popular Driver 7 Years Running

Dottie travisCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2009

I watched a man who drove hard, and struggled long with his car, I cheered a man who drove his heart out every race, i prayed for a man who was so disappointed in his season he was just glad it was over.

But the love of this mans fans and friends and family kept him going kept him smiling when he felt like crying, kept him smiling when he felt like yelling out in frustration, kept him going when he wanted to give up

this man is a very special man, a man whos heart is bigger then any i ever saw, who helps others and is very friendly to people. with his eyes his touches your heart, with his smile he touches you with friendship and love

Decemeber 3rd this man was given the ultimate award, important because it comes from us his fans, important because it tells him he is loved and respected and honored. important because it tells him his fans will always be there no matter how he does. Let us all hope in the 2010 season this man will have the championship he so desires

as long as he knows he is our champion always #1 forever. dont ever give up dont ever surrender if you need help reach out to your fans for we care and want to see this man in his rightful position on the championship podium.