Raiders Bring Steelers and Fans to Tears

SonnyCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2009

The Oakland Raiders went into the home of the Steelers as 14 point underdogs. After three quarters of what was a low scoring and close game with a score of 10-6 in the Steelers favor. Both teams went on a scoring binge with multiple lead changes coming in the fourth quarter.

After the Steelers took the lead and what they thought was the win with 1:50 left in the game. The Raiders went on an 88-yard drive and with 15 seconds left in the game the Raiders QB threw a pass to a wide open Louis Murphy for the Raiders win.

I have been tough on the Raiders team this year. As a fan I have called out their manhood and have gone off on them more than once. The above story is why. The Raiders have been able to not only play with, but beat some good teams this year with wins against Pittsburgh, Bengals, and Eagles only to decide to not show up for a game or two after each win.

As bad as I have been on the team, I will always be a Raider fan, win or lose. If the Raiders ever figure out that they can play with anyone should they all decide to show up they can become something.

It was great to see the look in the Steelers fans faces after the loss. I know the feeling but not today. It was great to see the wide receivers start to show how good they are as the young players started to step up.