Yi Jianlian Sucks

JerseySenior Analyst IMarch 15, 2017

Genevieve Ross/Getty Images

Yi Jianlian was supposed to play today. He didn't.

That's because he suffered a lip laceration during a 3-on-3 practice yesterday. It required 50 stitches to close.

Yup. Right when Yi is about to play, he gets a cut on his lip, one that needed 50 freaking stitches to close. Fifty.

Apparently, the doctors had to repair a muscle in the lip during surgery.

Only Yi. And only the Nets.

By the way, do you know how he got the injury? It was thanks to an inadvertent elbow from Sean Williams.

Wait, Sean Williams is still on the team?

Isn't this a guy they've been trying to dump for over a year? Didn't he chuck a computer through a store window? What does it take to lose a spot on this team?

As I type this, the Nets lose to the Knicks. After finally winning a game, they follow it up by blowing a lead to their cross-river rivals.

This team is so pathetic.

No coach, a crappy forward who finds more ways to get hurt than Carl Pavano, and somehow Sean Williams is still around.

Next year's first overall draft pick, here we come!