Twilight? Vampire Diaries?

ethan boehmContributor IDecember 6, 2009

Which series is better? Twilight? Vampire Diaries? are they the same? or similar?

I say they are the same... because they both have the romance triangles, they both have characters who are against biting humans, which than they would be Vampires, but they bite animals and such... when the other side, is Vampires...  biting humans... to stay alive. Personally, they're both the same, i really think either one copied off the other, or they're both thinking the same... or may be they're sharing ideas.. i don t know. but I think it's not a coincidence how they both have vampires in the Twilight Series, and the Vampire Diaries series. may be I could just be... jumping to conclusions, I still think that Twilight, and Vampire Diaries are the same, or at least similar. They both have Vampires, and people who don't want to become Vampires. those who are vampires are those living off Human Blood, those who don t wanna be Vampires live off the Blood of animals. in the end of one of the twilight movies i had seen, it was Edward I believe, who sacrificed his Life for Bella, who almost couldn't t stop and almost had killed her, which it was James who Bit Bella, and Edward sucked the Venom, or what ever to stop her from transforming into a Vampire. and I heard that New moon was a huge success, I'll admit I wasn't into Twilight, but now I am... eh, it's Not too bad, It's pretty good actually. and I think it's one of the best series of movies, even if it is the sae or similar to Vampire Diaries.