Broncos Retro AFL Socks Are A Huge Hit

Bryan BrackneyAnalyst IDecember 5, 2009
Ken Belson of the New York Times is reporting that the Denver Broncos retro AFL socks have been a real hit in 2009. According to Belson, one of the ugliest sports uniforms has turned into one of the hottest items.
Tom Kellond, who runs the Broncos team store, told the New York Times that the socks run out of stock every two hours. Kellond thought that the first shipment of the socks would last him the whole season. He could not be more wrong.
Kellond gets on average 250 phone calls a week asking him when the socks will be back in stock. The AFL is celebrating their 50th anivirsary. The socks cost $14.95. If anyone can get their hands on these socks it would be real classy if the gave them to me.