WWE's D-Generation X: Are They That Bad?

Juan Correspondent IDecember 6, 2009

"Are you ready?"

How many times have you heard those words come out of Triple H's words while in DX gear?

When DX looked like it was returning in mid-2009, I for one, was pretty excited. 

But, I was quite shocked by the reaction of some fans. They were not looking forward to it at all. I didn't get it. Why not? 

But then I waited, and DX came and did their thing. I thought now people would stop complaining about DX. But no, it kept coming. 

Some say that we've seen the same thing over and over again and they keep reuniting a million times. But what's wrong with that? DX is cool. 

They say we've seen it a thousand times. 


We've seen The Undertaker's entrance again and again, but no one's complaining. 

It's their thing, it's what makes them DX. Their entrance, all the way to their crotch chops, Triple H asking if we're ready, until the end when Shawn tells everyone to suck it. 

It's DX. 

Just like how the gongs and the mystery and smoke of 'Taker's entrance make up The Undertaker. Just like how Randy's angry stare makes Randy. I could go on. 

It's fun to see it again, especially when it doesn't happen all the time since DX isn't always together. 

They plug merchandise. So what? If you didn't know, the WWE is a business. And I don't know what's wrong with them plugging their merchandise, especially since they do it in a way that can make us smile at the very least. 

Remember last Christmas when we had those DX segments. They were quite hilarious in my opinion while trying to 'shamelessly' plug WWE Shop merchandise. 

Then I've heard people say that they don't put people over. Are you kidding me?

Did you miss what they did with Legacy members, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase? 

Even if DX came out victorious in the end, they put Legacy way over. Legacy meant something, they had some credibility now, especially when they made Shawn Michaels tap out at Breaking Point. 

What happened afterwards for them was not DX's fault, but their own fault along with the Creative Team for not booking them in a better way. That is the reason for their loss of momentum. 

But then people say that Shawn should be out of DX and should be helping put people over instead of wasting his time with DX. 

Well, why not put tag teams over? They did it with Legacy, helping put two people over at the same time. 

Sure, they may be in a feud with JeriShow right now, but they don't always have to put people over. Right now, it's Randy Orton's turn helping Kofi. 

And plus, this feud with JeriShow is pretty entertaining. I think so anyway. Now we have reason to care for the tag team division. JeriShow has helped it so much, and if they stay champions, I'm sure they will continue helping it. 

But I don't see what's wrong if DX wins it. They can help the tag division too. Imagine if they ended up feuding with the likes of the Hart Dynasty, maybe even dropping the titles to them? 

But that is of course, they win at TLC, which I have no problem with. They don't need it, but it doesn't hurt if they do. 

People don't like the mini-feud they have with Hornswoggle. I agree that it's stupid and all, but it's still made me smile with all the jokes from DX. 

The only thing I don't like about this mini-feud is when Hornswoggle becomes a part of the main feud. Because, then it's annoying. That's why we had a stupid build up to Survivor Series. Because of Hornswoggle. 

If you saw Raw last week, I thought it was a solid show. And since Hornswoggle wasn't there, I thought the DX vs. JeriShow feud looked awesome last week.

Yet people blame DX for it when it is clearly Hornswoggle that is causing the problem. 

I don't mind the Little People's Court next week, if it takes place. 


Because I think it will be funny and that DX will somehow make us laugh, or smile at the very least. 

The problem I have is if Hornswoggle gets involved between the DX vs. JeriShow feud, because then he will ruin it. He will ruin a great feud. He is not that important. And it should be his fault, not DX, because he is the one ruining it, not DX. 

The haters believe that DX is to blame for this because of their backstage influence. They seem to think that DX supports and keeps up with the Hornswoggle feud, and thats why DX is blamed. 

But we can't believe everything we hear. It's ultimately Vince's decision. He wants the money. If you didn't know, Hornswoggle is a BIG hit with the little kids.

As much as an influence Triple H and Shawn Michaels may have, Vince doesn't always have to listen to them, despite the rumors you hear. This also applies to Sheamus getting the title shot against John Cena. 

Who knows, maybe all this could lead to something good in the end, you never know. 


Another problem with them is that they're not the DX of old who goes against the authorities. 

I'll admit that this argument holds true...for the most part. Yes, DX was way cooler back then. They were more important, they were rebels. Not today though. 

But keep in mind that this is not my argument. My argument is that DX 2009 is not as bad as people say they are. 

Is DX tarnishing their own legacy by coming back and dealing with a PG environment?

Maybe, maybe not. I guess we'll get the answer to that one in the end.

But right now they're not hurting, and I love what they're doing...most of it. 

And I agree that DX isn't the sole reason for the success of a JeriShow vs. DX feud. Jericho and Big Show gets credit too. 

One last thing I want to address is the issue with the DX jokes. People say they're not funny at all, that they're immature. They say that they're just a bunch of 40-year old men running around like little kids. 

Is that really true? I mean really, think about it. Sure they make jokes, so?

I like to laugh and smile, I prefer being not too serious. 

DX becomes serious when they want to be. They don't just run around mindlessly you know. 

And I don't know about you, but I find myself smiling when they make up their little jokes. Sure it's a little PG, but DX somehow still tickles my funny bone. 

That backstage segment they had after Survivor Series was pretty funny in my opinion. 

But their promo with JeriShow last week was also pretty serious, despite poking fun at JeriShow at times. 

Maybe I find them funny because I have the sense of humor of a 12-year old. 

Or maybe, I just don't dissect everything and look into it all too much.

Maybe I can just enjoy what they give us without looking at it in a different way, I don't know. 

All I know is that DX right now is still cool dammit!



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