Not So Fast : Why Florida Still Deserves a National Championship Bid

Jeremy FisherContributor IDecember 6, 2009

Lets take a deep breath.


The college football season has finally ended. Several teams have made a strong case for a national championship bid, but because the playoff system has yet to be implemented, only two get a chance to dance.

Forget the rankings. Forget the standings. To determine which clubs will get their tickets punched to Pasadena, we must look at the top contenders objectively and fairly.

Obviously, Florida deserves to go.

Remember, the BCS is looking to make as much money as it possibly can. Due to their prior two national championships, there are currently more Florida fans than ever. More fans, more people watching, more money.

Plus, Tim Tebow. The poor guy was crying. Give the man something to suck on.

May I remind you - Florida has been #1 in the rankings all year long. If you calculated the average weekly ranking of each team, the Gators would be higher than any other team. Those are the numbers; those are the facts.

Not to mention they had an undefeated regular season.

And I mean, look at the other teams. Texas? No. Cincinnati? No. Alabama? Hell no.

So we can all see that not sending Florida would be a travesty for the ages. I'm sure Baby Tate will agree.