'Synergy' Equals Savings For Debbie Yow, Ralph Friedgen

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IDecember 5, 2009

What Maryland Terrapins athletic director Debbie Yow calls ’synergy’ with retained head football coach Ralph Friedgen, most observers would call savings. Not just of sparse public funds that pay his salary, but in her effort to save her own job.

It’s one thing to keep Friedgen around because his firing would have been a matter of state fiscal policy. But Yow’s job as a fundraiser and program builder are firmly hitched to the fortunes of the Fridge. There are luxury suites to be sold, booster clubs to be assuaged, and media to appease.

Fridge, more than anyone else they could find to coach football in a regional basketball vacuum, is best suited to accomplish each of these tasks. If she wasn’t a savvy enough business woman to understand that, she surely would’ve have been out of favor with university leadership, and soon, out of a job.

So, don’t mind Yow if her buzzword on Terrapin football is ’synergy.’ It’s only to avoid publicly thanking the Fridge for keeping her employed, for at least one more season.

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