Juve No Longer 'Lost & Insecure' After Inter Derby

Saed Khatib@saed_khatibContributor IDecember 5, 2009

When it matters most, Juve found its true identity against the Serie A leaders Internazionale, by inflicting a 2-1 triumph at the Olympic Stadium.

Juve was, is and will always be a club with 1 sole purpose, and that is winning as much games as possible. This is something which hasn't been happening that often lately, after being disappointed with a back to back defeat in both the UCL and the Serie A, and a run of poor form and inconsistency.

Juve needed a win tonight, because anything less than that wouldn't be sufficient enough in its attempt to reclaim the Serie A title, something that has been absent for a while from the Juve cabinets.

The derby kicked off, and the 2 sides showed that they were evenly matched, with neither side threatening the opposition in the first 15 minutes.

A rare mistake by Inter's goalkeeper J.Cesar in the 20th minute, saw a Melo header cruise its way towards the net, signaling the first goal at the Italian derby.

Mourinho, losing his temper for what he thought was a refereeing mistake, saw him being banned from the rest of the match. Things were going Juve's way.

6 minutes later, a mistake in marking the Inter offence by the Juve center backs, resulted in S.Eto'o heading a goal in Buffons net, evening things up in the derby.

Nothing seemed to seperate both sides, until a shot from Sissoko was cleared by J.Cesar, and found its way into Marchisio's legs, and the midfielder crossed the last Inter defender and lobbed the ball over the keeper securing the third goal in the match, and the second for Juve.

Marchisio's goal in the 58th minute proved to be the turning point in the match, were few could deny Juve's utter control over the remainder of the match.

This has been the third match this season were Juve has not only won but actually controlled the tempo and the pace of the match, the other 2 matches were the one's against Roma and Sampadoria.

2 players have shined in this fixture, both from Juve, and it should be clear to everyone that they are Italian midfielder Marchisio and Uruguayan defender M.Cacares. It is no surprise that Marchisio played a great match, since he has been projecting solid performances the last 2 years at Juve, being 1 of the most essential players in the squad. While new incomer, M.Cacares, has surely played his best match in the Juve shirt so far when facing Inter, inflicting pressure on the Inter offense by providing perfect tackles and crosses which were indeed vital for Juve to ensure the victory.

Inter proved itself helpless, unable to create chances versus a Juve side with an enormous will to prove itself capable of beating Italy's best team in the last 3 years.

In the last ten minutes, Balotelli claimed to be elbowed by Juve's Melo who already had a yellow card in his possession, and the referee gave both players a yellow card, thus resulting in sending off the Brazilian. Then players of both teams were involved in a physical fight, were tempers were lost, players were shoving each other and chaos surged the atmosphere of the match.

Eventually all players cooled down, the match progressed, and the referee blew his whistle which announced the victory of the Bianconeri over the Nerazzurri.

The Serie A now returned to its competitive state with 5 points being all what separate the 2 sides, with Inter still in the lead with 35 points, AC Milan in second place with 31 points, and Juventus in third place with 30 points.

Both teams have important matches in The UCL, a win is obligatory for inter whereas a tie is adequate enough for Juve against their opposition so that they both can progress to the next round in the competition.

Now Juventus's attention is headed towards its next fixture against Bavarian side Bayern Munchen, and may the Italians win!