Is LeBron James Sideline Dancing Just Innocent Fun Or Disrespectful?

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Is LeBron James Sideline Dancing Just Innocent Fun Or Disrespectful?
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It is obvious that LeBron James is a special talent who will go down in history as one of the greatest players to ever play this game.  This is not in question.

I also think for the most part he has handled himself pretty well for a young superstar living in the spotlight.  There have been a few minor questionable moments where his maturity could be questioned but he is a young guy, so he is growing up and maturing while under a the microscope.  Fairly or not his every move is scrutinized...even his dance moves.

In last night's game, the Cavaliers squared off against the Bulls and after a close first half, the Cavs dominated the second half and beat the Bulls handily.  During the second half beat down the camera caught LeBron doing his best Michael Jackson or maybe he was auditioning for Dancing with the Stars.  Apparently this did not go over to well with some of the Bulls, so much so that Joakim Noah voiced his displeasure shouting from the bench at LeBron while the "King" was at the free throw line.

Last year LeBron and the Cavs had the best record during the regular season and he and his teammates would clown around and take the imaginary photo's each game.  It's safe to say the Cavs like to have a good time, and I'm quite sure their intention is not to show up the other teams.

This season's fun looks to now include sideline choreography and again, giving LeBron and the James' gang the benefit of the doubt I will assume they do not intend to disrespect their opponent but while their intent may be just to have fun, is it appropriate?  

A LeBron critic could frame his sportsmanship as a guy who dances and laughs and jokes around while kicking your butt and in the post game interview he insinuated Joakim was out of line and talking disrespectful to him.  Juxtapose that to the end of Eastern Conference Finals where he wasn't having fun and walked off the court and would not speak to the media or the summer's " Dunk-gate."

I for one think a veteran or mentor needs to pull the "King" aside and advise him on being gracious in victory and in defeat.  I want him to have fun but he seems to be getting a little carried away.  

I truly believe he is not trying to show anyone up but it's a little unnecessary to be moon-walking on the sidelines during victory's, maybe I'm just old school and maybe this is a generational thing but save the dancing for All-Star Weekend or the off season.

As Mark Jackson would say "You're better than that."

Finally, I know LeBron and Kobe get criticized way to much and both have legions of haters but this article was not written to "Hate" on LeBron, I love to watch him, I just think he's being a little disrespectful to the game and his opponents when he celebrates in this manner.

Let me know what you think?  Was this just innocent fun or was it tacky?

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