Winter Meetings Teaser

Ian HunterCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2009

We're just two days away from baseball's winter meetings in Indianapolis, and already people are buzzing about what could transpire next week.

It all stemmed from a tweet from Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus :

"I know of two HUGE announcements coming at the Winter Meetings. I expect both will be bigger than any player signing or news made during."

Immediately, the gears started turning in my mind about what these two huge announcements could possibly be. My first reaction was something to do with Bud Selig stepping down earlier than 2012, but Carroll denied that the announcement has anything to do with the commish.

After the stream of debacles in the playoffs, I thought it might be the announcement that instant replay would be used for calls other than home runs. Again, Carroll confirmed it was nothing to do with instant replay.

So what else could it be?

Other folks have speculated that it might be a more balanced schedule, retooling of interleague play, or the possibility of scrapping interleague play altogether. Another possibility might be a retooling of the All-Star game, but I highly doubt an announcement like that would overshadow Roy Halladay trade talk.

Obviously it will be something that affects every team and possibly every player in baseball, so it has to be of epic proportions. I will be listening closely to the Winter Meetings starting Monday thanks to a free 14 day trail of XM Radio online , so hopefully I can relay the news as soon as possible.

Until then, we can only speculate that this huge news is that Tiger Woods is going to buy the Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Dodgers and move them to Regina.