The Mets' Little Voices Had to Go

Paul CafieroContributor IJune 17, 2008

And so it begins, life without Willie Randolph. Many people around the baseball community will say that Omar Maniya and the Mets organization didn't handle it properly.

I, however will have to disagree.

ESPN reported that Willie Randolph was fired at 3:14 AM, that is 3:14 AM Eastern Standard Time, in actuality in LA it was 12:14, only a few hours after the the conclusion of a 9 to 6 Mets win. As we all know it is not easy playing in New York, let alone being the General Manager of an underachieving New York baseball team. This combined with weeks of "sources", and "leaks" from the Mets organization makes it seem that it was not Mr. Maniya or Mr. Randolph's fault that there needed to be change.

These sources, which happened to be spot on as Maniya would explain during his press conference this afternoon,  needed to end for the Mets to carry on with their normal routine and have any chance of winning. The only way to do this was to take away any sort of speculation.

If the Mets want to win THIS SEASON, they must first kill all infighting within their front office. Let the boys play, with the talent in that club house they can compete for the NL-East (as well as the World Series). Now without reporters breathing down their neck from the Post, Daily News and every other half-ass news paper in the city about Willie they can now concentrate on making winning, an everyday occurrence.