Ridicuolous Anitcs of the Finals

Chris SkidmoreContributor IJune 17, 2008

As you all probably know the Finals are the most intense time of the NBA season. I know both teams are willing to do anything to beat the other.

But for the leagues sake I think they need to regulate some of these antics that the players use to get an advantage. The Boston Celtics have repeatedly heckled three-point shooters for the Lakers while they were shooting by the bench.

This is ridiculous. If someone was standing behind these players screaming at them, I'm sure the heckler would get a fist in his face. It is not fair to ask a player to make a shot while the whole bench is screaming is his ear and waving towels and clapping.

I know they get paid millions but its ridiculous for another team to add this much pressure to an opposing player.

Stern should consider adding a small fine to the players paychecks when they do this crap. If they will be fined for flopping they should be fined for this abomination of the integrity of the game.