How Likely Is It That We Will See The Hitman In WWE?

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IDecember 4, 2009

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Not too long ago TNA announced the signing of one of the biggest (and most hated) wrestlers on the planet, Hulk Hogan. Although Hulk isn’t the best wrestler by all means this was indeed a smart move by TNA as he is a big name and can do great things for bringing in the views. He is a big draw in the market who should get the wrestling fans attention. You won’t get any matches of the decade out of this guy, but he has been there and knows what the wrestling experience is like and could help a lot of the younger talent out.

By now we have all heard the Bret Hart rumors. The rumors of a comeback from one of the, if not the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in the ring. Anybody remember when the WWE went to Calgary? All the stuff about Hart being dropped? Cena praising Hart? When Sgt. Slaughter came out announcing him, but turned out to be Hacksaw Jim Duggan? That one was kinda stupid and mean to the fans of Calgary, but you still have to take it into consideration. The reality of Hart returning is that it is indeed posssible.

Now it doesn’t mean he is returning to wrestle again. He could return as a General Manager or something to do with the staff. Wouldn’t that be something great for Raw? Get rid of the stupid Guest Host thing which has had it’s run and return the General Manager position to Raw. Now we all know that Raw isn’t exactly what it used to be with the flagship show of WWE, but wouldn’t you agree that adding a guy like the Hitman to the show would really spice things up? I think you would.

Hart could easily play face again and please the crowd or can play the heel character once more and keep stating the truth about how Canada is better than America. Either way it would definatily be a big draw, just like Hogan. The big difference between Hulk and Bret is one can wrestle and the other can’t. I think you people can figure out which is which. Bret could put WWE back in the right direction and get them back in the spotlight. He would help them start the new decade in the right way.

Then again there are some legitament arguements and reasons as to why Bret shouldn’t and won’t return to the WWE. One is if you watch his documentary you hear him say that the WWF was his prison. He was a prisoner in Vince McMahon’s corporation. If he would be going back would he be rejoining the prison that once held him captive? Maybe and maybe not. Originally he was a “prisoner” when he was a superstar. If he rejoined as General Mananger or something in the office he would have more freedom to do as he wishes and not just constantly do as Vince commands him to. Then again this is Vincent Kennedy McMahon we are talking about. He wants everyone to bow down and kiss his ass. No matter who it is.

If you wanna check out Bret’s documentary you can view it at this link. It mostly concentrates on the road to what was the famous Montreal Screwjob. Which is actually the second reason or arguement as to why Bret shouldn’t and won’t return. Interesting how things play out isn’t it? Well here’s the link:

The movie shows how Bret was screwed out of his title, hense, called the Screwjob.

Now I’m sure most wrestling fans are educated on the topic of the Montreal Screwjob, but for those who aren’t let me tell you the stroy.

Vince McMahon was going through some tough times. WCW Nitro was topping Raw’s views on Monday. Raw’s ratings were dropping with every show which resulted in him suffering some financial problems. He decided to try something new and take Raw new ways with DX. So for Survivor Series a match was set up between the leader of DX, Shawn Michaels and the leader of the Hart Foundation, Bret Hart. Bret was in no way in favour of the direction Vince was taking this company. With all the sexual content and inappopriate material shown Bret was getting sick.

A few months before Survivor Series what Vince did is he basically went up to Bret and told him that he wants out of their 20 year contract. Vince told Bret that he just couldn’t afford it. Financial apparel were Vince’s exact words. Vince told Bret that it would be best if he tried to get a deal done with WCW. A few segments were released with Vince saying that when he asked Bret to stay it was a big mistake on his part.

WCW was willing to do anything to bring Bret over there, but he was hesitant. Bret even said he called Vince and basically said, “Talk me into staying.” He said he wasn’t in it for the money, he just wanted to see some commitment from Vince. Vince told Bret that it was his call, he wanted to know what does Bret wanna do. Bret had realized what kind of horrible predicament he was in. He said he went from being the number one good guy in the world to being the number one bad guy. Then it seemed that the bad guy job had gone over to Shawn Michaels so Bret was wondering how he could become a good guy again. He had bashed the American people, which is where most of his performances had been so it was like he was in pergatory. He couldn’t be that great good guy or the great bad guy. Bret said that Vince actually sabotaged his career with that.

4 weeks until Survivor Series Bret Hart kept questioning the way Vince was going with the company with all the sexual stuff. Some people disagreed with Bret as they said it made WWF more entertaining, but he stood by what he said. Vince leaked to the people that Hitman was leaving the WWF for the money, which he really wasn’t. This just got the crowds more and more fired up with him. The show in Detroit was the last one before the show. The crowd was very explosive as they were chanting you sold out to Bret. The situation just got worse with every step that Vince took.

Vince eventually told Hart that he had to lose in Montreal. He said he couldn’t have Bret showing up in WCW wearing his belt. Bret said he couldn’t do that. He said he is willing to drop the belt anywhere, but Canada. Vince insisted on him losing in Montreal, but Bret said no. Vince told him that he could leave any way he wanted and now he gets this? Bret found it strange as he has never said no to McMahon before. Still he left that it was unfair as he was suppose to have control for his last 30 days on how things went down.

Bret had agreed with the referee that he would not let Bret lose. Bret continued to work Vince about the fact that he, being a Canadian hero could not lose in Canada! Bret’s father was confused as to why Vince wanted to get rid of a guy that had such great dedication to him and the company. The Canadian fans still showed dedication to Bret no matter what he was going to do.

One day before the big showdown in Montreal, Bret continued his rebelion against the outcome of the match in Montreal. Hours until the match the crowd and the superstars backstage were buzzing on the match. Many superstars and staff said it would be a huge void in the WWF without Bret.  Bret’s wife didn’t like the idea of leaving. The kids grew up backstage with Bret and the superstars and she just wouldn’t know what to do with this.

Before the match Bret and Vince stepped inside Vince’s office to discuss the match once more. Both men said that they felt like they other was betraying him. Vince said that it was Ted Turner who was coming between the two. It ended with Bret and Vince agreeing on the match ending in DQ. They agreed that Bret would forfeit the belt the next night on Raw before going to WCW.

With that done they were getting ready for the match. The match was going well. We saw some good quality wrestling. Everything seemed to be going well. After the referee got bumped Shawn was suppose to apply the Sharpshooter which was suppose to be reversed by Bret. Then the guys(DX and Hart Foundation) would come out create like a battle field and end the match in DQ. Good plan right? Well it didn’t go that way.

In the match when Bret was reversing the sharpshooter he heard someone yell ring the bell. When he turned around he saw that, that man was Vincent Kennedy McMahon. That’s when he realized that they screwed him. Bret hid nothing from Vince. He spit at Vince with no hesitation, even gave him the casual middle finger from both hands. Bret lost his chance to leave how he wanted to. Bret also managed to tear apart a table to let his frustrations out. Backstage Bret was no more delighted. Vince McMahon had locked himself in his office refusing to talk to Bret. Bret asked Shawn if he was in on it. Shawn told Bret that he had nothing to do with it and that his nose was clean on this one. Bret was not the only one showing his displeasure. His wife said a few key words to the likes of Triple H and others as well. There was also a punch from Bret to Vince which made the situation that much more serious. Vince blamed the whole situation on Bret not taking any responsibility. He said the Bret Hart screwed Bret Hart. Next Raw WWF mocked Bret by having a midget come out dressed like him who was manhandled by D Generation X.

Now that you know the stroy of the Montreal Screwjob you don’t think that Bret will be hesitant when it comes to returning to WWE. Returning to the man that did not value Bret’s view on things. A man that drove Bret to spitting at him. You don’t think that will all come back to Bret when he is making his choice on whether to come back to the WWE? Well if you don’t I think you are mistaking. No one can just forget an event as horrific as that one.

Unless Vince issues the proper apologies to Bret I think the chances of seeing this great Canadian Hero returning to the WWE are slim to none. They say people who don’t learn from the past are destined to repeat it. If Bret didn’t learn that Vincent Kennedy McMahon doesn’t value his opinion then he will once again be screwed over. Not particularly in the ring, but when Bret is making a tough choice about something the company will do and where they wanna go with a stroyline, etc.

I personally would love to see Hart return, but if it means that he will just be forced to listen to McMahon and just play Vince’s puppet then it’s not worth it. What use is it having power if no one will let you exercise that ability? If someone gives you a pizza slice, but they say you can’t eat it would you want it? No. It’s kinda the same story here, but we are not talking about food. We are talking about something far greater than food, we are talking about Pro Wrestling.

So there you have it. My view on things. Hope you enjoyed the read. Leave your comments below if you wish and I will get to them as soon as possible. Alright guys and girls I’m out, hope you consider this the next time you discuss a Bret Hart return to the WWE.