Why You Should Love College Football

bill smithContributor IDecember 4, 2009

  If you love college football: You are probably human, not including the fact that you are now screaming at your HDTV and constantly checking if the BCS rankings are out every 30 seconds, but oh no, your computers running slow because your also trying to find out how to get the college football packages. You have every pointless stat locked up in your head, just to sound like an expert. You even vote in the fan pool. You put your favorite team, say Bowling Green to number one and if it works out you see what your muscular, scary, serious college football experts think about that.

  If you hate college football: You probably aren't rowdy or fun. You probably waste your time watching single A high school croquet on one of the highest channels of your TV. This is okay though. As long as your're alright talking about golf and, yes this is true, casting a level two charm spell with your friends, instead of watching the BCS championship game. Sounds like you bought your HDTV to watch a bunch of fake reality shows. This is an abomination! At least act like you like it!