Instant Replay Takes Effect in MLB on Aug. 1—Good for Baseball?

Katelyn GrabarekSenior Analyst IJune 17, 2008

Major League Baseball could invoke the use of instant replay as early as August first. Is it the right thing for baseball?

In recent years, the game has been trying to speed up the pace of games. Also, this process will not be invoked in a game by the managers, but by the front office.

The use of instant replay has been debated around the Major Leagues for years, especially on home run calls. 

As a Cubs' fan, one of the most debated ones would have to be the Steve Bartman incident from 2003. 

So am I for instant replay or not? 

Yes, absolutely. 

While I think it will slow down the game time, I think it will be beneficial. It will cause for fewer manager ejections and ultimately, better games.

While I can understand the idea that it will only allow another machine in the ball parks, it will bring interest back to the games. 

Everyone likes to see the disputed calls and the managers get really mad, but who doesn't like it when nothing is done about them?

With instant replay, you can end the disputed calls sooner and in turn, shorten the time of the game. 

While I like watching a good dirt kicking as much as the next person, or the way Lou Piniella turned last season around for the Cubs with his argument, I think instant replay will definitely do the game some good.